Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shut up and Say Thank you....huh?

Is it even possible to do both??

Its so funny..
within hours of each other ..I was told by two Men..
could you just Shut up and Say thank you??

Hahaha...both these guys have been friends of mine for a loooong time
And strangely enough they still like me..:) anyways,

I'm talking to SB yesterday that I haven't seen IN PERSON in a about a few years..
and he says 
"In the new year you should come visit LA..
you'd be a rare sight around here...a Petite Natural Chocolate Island Girl..."
and then he closes with:
"Plus I haven't seen your sexy ass in a long time...I want to compare the pics to the real thing...cause FB and Photoshop is the Devil." hahaha

Anyways...I immediately go into...
" I used to be sexy...back in the day....the aaww Shucks mentality nah..blah blah blah...

First he gets quiet
So quiet I think he hung up..

.....I go Hello??

then he says
..Cliv....[dude can call me cliv..I only let certain people call me that] 

anyways..he goes: 

Cliv...could you stop with that Shit?? 
I say your sexy..Shut the &)*U() up and say..
"Why Thank you"
I'm not stupid and I have good taste...are you telling me I'm stupid?

So I'm back pedalling now cause it sounds like I pissed him off..
I answer...meekly..well as meekly as I ever get....

"No...far from that..."

cause dude is NOT...far from that..

"So when I ...or any man gives you a compliment..
especially if you consider him an intelligent man"

SHUT THE F^&*(& up..and say Thank you.!

hahahaaaa...put mi in my blasted place..


Learn how to take a compliment..

or a dude might cuss you out
SB - I know you're reading this..:) 

and just because..
Cause some Men Mean what the SAY.. ;)


Cliviaalana said...

Why the hell do i Blush when i watch this video? Im such a nerd